Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Are Vizu Polls accurate?

I have been using Vizu Polls for a while now as part of monetization of this blog. Today I noticed a new poll and voted my choice in the given options. I found something funny in the responses screen. The percentage of responses did not sum exactly to 100%. Indeed they add upto 15.1+24.7+24.7+46.2+19.4=130.1

Has anyone else observed this?

As a blog publisher I dont care much about this issue. But I feel pity for the ones who paid for this poll. :-(


Nick said...

That poll allowed the user to choose more than one answer if they wanted because the poll's author was interested in knowing the leading choices, not just the single leader. Hence the totals sum to more than 100.

For all single selection Vizu Answers polls (which are the majority) you will find that the sum of the answers always adds up to 100.

Vizu Answers offers poll authors the ability to have both types of polls: single selection and multiple selection.

AJ said...

First, thank you for being a Vizu publisher. The poll you reference is accurate. In this multiple choice poll, users are asked to select up to two answers.

Thus, the results reflect the rate in which each answer was selected divided by the total number of respondents.

Because you can select multiple answers, the percent total will be in excess of 100%.

Thanks again for being a Vizu publisher and I hope this answers your question and restores your confidence in the accuracy of Vizu polls.

All the best.

A.J. Kohn
Director of Marketing
Vizu Answers