Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New features from Google Docs and Spreadsheets

Here are some cool features from Google for their Docs and Spreadsheets application.

They say they have focused more on the following areas.

Looking pretty
Getting organized
Search that thinks ahead

Looking Pretty - Yes, you can see the difference as soon you enter. It is a lot more easier to view the contents and looks pleasant too.

Getting organized - The much awaited folders option are available now. Interesting thing is it act as a tag too!!! I defintely love the drag & drop option.

Search that thinks ahead - The search has become more or like the Google Suggest. As you start typing you start getting the suggestions based on the file names you have saved already in your account.

All these new features defintely add value to makes life even more easier for the users.

More details here

Friday, June 8, 2007

Google Calendar gallery

A new feature has been introducced to the Google Calendar application. Using Google Calendar gallery, you create, share and save your favorite upcoming events directly in Google Calendar.A lot of popular events have already been shared by a few people or companies. NBA, Disney, TLC Channel are among those few.

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