Thursday, December 28, 2006

Yet another Sex Survey

UK Magazine The Sun reports that half of Brits chat on their home phone naked.

Here goes ths story...

The poll showed 49 per cent of 600 people questioned were happy to use the phone in their birthday suit.

Women are more likely than men to go au naturel - 40 per cent of men bare all while chatting, compared to 57 per cent of women.

The survey also showed 83 per cent of people talk and multi-task with women topping the poll at 86 per cent.

And their multi-tasking is more practical than British men.

Of those women questioned, 64 per cent admitted to preparing food while using the phone and 43 per cent do the ironing.

While 63 per cent of men confessed to watching television.

Women are also more than twice as likely as men to pick up the phone to speak to their parents.

The BT Broadband Talk poll discovered that men are more likely than women to be found speaking to friends of the opposite sex.

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